Dual Sport is what Dreams are Made of

This last Spring, we joined our dual sport motorcycle crew on a trip to explore around Marble Falls, Arkansas. If this name rings a bell, you probably went to Dogpatch USA Amusement Park when you were younger. Dogpatch is closed now, but the areas around it are prime real estate for an adventure seeker on two wheels. Trails and dirt roads abound; and with the rain we had been getting prior to the trip, our water crossings and mud bogs made for some great campfire stories.

The Hub Motel

This is the second year that we’ve made this trip, and both times we have stayed at the Hub Motel. The Hub is a small oasis right off the highway for two-wheeled enthusiasts. You never know what group you will share a campfire with, but the conversation will always be about bikes. We met a wide array of new people from all walks of life, but we all had a passion for everything two-wheeled. Dual Sport riders sat alongside high speed sport bike riders, each telling their own stories and exploits. We’re both counting the days until our next dual sport trip! (All photos property of James Pratt, http://james-pratt.com/)