Definitely glad I contacted a Realtor to help me with purchasing a home. It was our first home buying experience and we knew we wanted to live in or around Edmond.

The only things I would even say bring down her rating at all is that after we mentioned we would consider areas around Edmond, it felt as though she stopped looking in Edmond itself (I had found the home we ended up buying on the list myself and brought it to her attention). Also, instead of starting at the original terms we had asked for on previous homes, she tended to offer what was the last offer we would offer on other homes (the ones that we didn’t end up buying) which I didn’t realize until after it was done.

However, she was very helpful when we had questions, she was willing to show us as many houses as we could see on weekends (which was when I was available), and she helped us find the best mortgage lender for our situation (Navy Federal Credit Union). On a different note, my 4-year old daughter LOVED Emily. She kept asking if she could go home with Emily, which says something since my daughter doesn’t always get very excited with strangers.

Amy W.