In the Saturday NewsOK real estate section, there is a great article about preparing your home for sale by making it “sizzle”. This article makes great sense and goes right along with our article “Preparing Your Home for Sale“. It talks about 5 things you can easily do to show your home in the best light:

  1. Buy a Paintbrush – Paint is the most cost effective way to spruce up your house and make it ready to show.
  2. Declutter – Either give away or sell superfluous “stuff” so your home is not jam packed with YOUR knicknacks.  Buyers don’t want to see your grandma’s teacup collection.
  3. Place excess furniture in storage – You want your home to look spacious and relaxed.  Most homes have WAY too much furniture.
  4. Review Realtor’s track record – Great idea.  Ask us an anyone else you are considering to provide you a list of references and stats on how many home buyers and sellers they work with each year.
  5. Make sure other agents know about your home – When we have a new listing we notify other brokers of the home and after a few weeks, host a “broker’s open” if the home has not had much interest.  Our high quality pictures of your home really piques the interest of other Realtors and they are more likely to show your home.

Story –> Learning how to sell with sizzle