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Consult with a licensed Realtor to discover what your home’s actual market value is.

How Do We Do It?

You’ve probably heard of a CMA report (Comparative Market Analysis), aka: COMPS. If you’ve sold a home before, your Realtor likely did the “comps” on your property, then gave you a dollar value for your home. And that’s probably the same price that you listed it for. Sound familiar? We do things a little different. Instead of just “telling” you what WE think you home is valued at, we’ll guide you through the process of HOW to determine your value range, and TOGETHER we decide on the appropriate entry point for your home. By doing this, the seller (YOU) will fully understand the current market conditions, and take ownership of the listing price.

Items that we analyze include:

  • Comparable properties
  • Homes that sold
  • Homes that DIDN’T sell
  • The current competition
  • Motivation for selling

All of these things play a role in finding the value of your home. This way you will have a complete understanding of what current buyers are doing, and have clear answers for multiple scenarios when it comes to selling your home.

Realtors DO NOT control buyer patterns. We present the data so you can understand what buyers are looking for and what they aren’t. Market trends can change from month to month, therefore we cannot guarantee the market conditions.

We don’t take every listing…

Just like a seller interviews a Realtor, we are also interviewing the seller during our meeting. The purpose of this is to make sure the seller is serious and realistic in their expectations. If we feel that a seller’s expectations of home value are not realistic with the market, we will not take the listing. This is for 2 reasons:

  1. When we knowingly list a home that is grossly overpriced, it tells our peers and the public that we didn’t do our research.
  2. If we have a listing on our books that we cannot sell, it does not benefit the seller and it hurts our production numbers.

Determining a home’s current market value is a thorough process, and we are confident in our methods. Give us a call to schedule a meeting to discuss your home’s worth and how we can help get it sold.

If a home is overpriced, NO amount of marketing will sell it.