The Island of Roatan

Dirk and I traveled to Roatan, Honduras in September. We were celebrating our 1 year anniversary with a trip! The island lies just off the coast of mainland Honduras, and near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The second largest next to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Correspondingly, this makes for beautiful diving and ocean life. We experienced so much in our week, that it would take a short novel to write it all down. With that in mind, here are a few of the high points. 

Adventures in Diving

We had decided before we left that we were going to snorkel, lay on the beach, and explore the island for the week. But, when we got there we quickly realized that EVERYONE scuba dives here. Consequently, we changed our plan and received our Open Water Dive certifications through Reef Gliders Dive Shop.  
PADI Scuba classes trained us how to dive. Yet, no class could prepare us for how beautiful the reef was. The ocean holds colors and life that we never knew existed. A window was opened to a world that we’d only witnessed in books. Scuba fever set in quickly and we both plan on diving for the rest of our lives. 

Ziplines and Monkeys

Adventure tours abound all around Roatan. However, we found a company that ziplines from the highest point of the island down to the beach. We soared like superheroes through the canopy of trees. Each platform on the way was filled with cheers and laughter. The last platform of the day deposited us in a Monkey Sanctuary and Nature Preserve. By all means, we wanted to hold a monkey! While one of the monkeys was on my shoulder, it tried to steal the jewelry from out of my ear!

Leaving Paradise

Roatan is very much it’s own little world, and can hardly be considered Honduras. Dining out is superb and the cost of living is extremely affordable. There is a wide array of night life choices; from quiet beers on the beach to full on dance clubs. The island life was simple and slow paced; just how we like it. In fact, it captured our hearts and we hope to return many times over. Click this link for more great information about traveling to this wonderful destination.
Here are a few photos from our week in the paradise of Roatan…