You’ve settled into your new home. Decorations, furniture and photographs have breathed life into an empty structure. But, something is missing. No, it’s not that fancy new pressure cooker. It’s the heart, soul and charm of a family unit. Maybe the one thing you’re missing is the patter of little paws. Pets can make a house a home!

This was the first "play date" Kona & Loki had together. Little did they know they were about to become brother & sister.
This was the first “play date” Kona & Loki had together. Little did they know they were about to become brother & sister.

When we bought our home in 2017, we immediately adopted our first puppy, Kona. She is a blue heeler cattle dog full of energy and attitude. Having a puppy didn’t slow our family down. As soon her vaccinations were up to date, we hit the ground running. Camping, kayaking, trail running; this little Heeler will take it on. We even climbed a 14’er in Colorado with our little girl. Quandary Peak down, 52 more to go!

Almost a year after our first pet addition, we unexpectedly fell in love with another pup-o. Emily & I were walking Kona past our local dog groomer Groomer A-Go-Go when Sylvia, one of the owners, called to us to come inside. A friend of theirs, Shannon, had rescued this gorgeous blue-mix Pitbull from a torrential downpour. This little boy had ticks inside of his ears, a gash on his head, road rash on his leg and he was severely underweight. They were taking him to the Vet the next day to get him healthy and checked over. Kona laid on the ground in front of his crate and the Pit looked longingly to us to get him out of there. But, we weren’t ready. Emily and I promised to put the word out to help find this sweet boy a forever home. We went on our way, content in the idea that we were a 1 pet house. The universe had different plans.

The blue boy stayed at the groomers’ for a month. We would see the ladies from Groomer A-Go-Go walking him every day. My heart broke every single time. Thoughts took root. Then, germinated into a plan. Now, to convince my wife that we have to save that boy and bring a Pitbull into our home. We talked about a second pup. 2 pets isn’t unheard of, right? We have a big yard and more love than we could ever give! Emily was open to a “play date” to see if the two pups would get along. That day came and they haven’t left each other’s side since. 

Loki still deals with a few fears from his time living on the streets. He hates the rain and thunder makes him completely spastic. But, we’ve got him up to 70 pounds and he’s completely healed from all of his initial injuries. I’ve never met a more patient or cuddlier pup in my entire life. His presence has added so much love and laughter into our home. He prances like a show pony when he’s excited. Kona pesters and grooms him every single day. Those two have become inseparable, even though we were terrified at first that they would hurt each other. They learn from each other and get each other into trouble, but most of all they play together. 

If you have any questions about adding a pet to your home, please message us. We will shower you with amazing stories of how much we love our lives with these two heathens at our sides. If you’d like to see more pics of our pup-os, follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Growing your home and sharing your heart with a pet is one of the most fulfilling additions to life that we can think of. We hope you do too!

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