Our pets swell our hearts and brighten our days. We can’t imagine a morning without those uncorrupted eyes greeting us. Not to mention those button noses. So, why not immortalize them through a custom art piece? The artists listed below are worth every ounce of their salt. In other words, these are the paint slingers that can handle any pet portrait you could throw at them!

Wouldn't you love to own a custom portrait of your best friend?
A Sam Douglas Original

Jay MF Roberts

Jay is a full-time artist. As a matter of fact, he rarely stops making art. He’s a force of nature. If he isn’t tattooing at Mindbender Tattoo, he’s painting another magnum opus for the world. Jay won the Oklahoma Gazette’s “Best Visual Artist of 2018.” He is one of our closest friends, not to mention our tattoo artist. Emily and I are both part way through our back pieces with Jay. If you want any sort of custom art, not just pet portraits, Jay can put it on to canvas. Follow him on Instagram here.

Cassie Stover (Specializes in Pet Portraits)

Cassie Stover has been working the OKC art scene for as far back as I can remember. She owned as well as tattooed at Hudson Tattoo before closing to paint full time. She dipped her toes back into the tattoo game and created full custom skin art at Painted Lady Tattoo. She’s made waves in OKC with her Murals in the Plaza District as well as her residency at Factory Obscura (Linked to Meow Wolf in New Mexico). Furthermore, Cassie paints custom pet portraits for clients that commission original pieces. She is undeniably one of the most talented working artists in the metro area. Also, she’s an absolute sweetheart! Follow her on Instagram here. 

Jason Pawley

Vibrant colors swirl into a beautiful nature scene, and you know it’s a Pawley piece. Jason has made his mark on the face of OKC. As well as made himself a household name within the Metro. For one thing, he’s one of the owners and resident Artists at Tall Hill Creative. Tall Hill isn’t just an art studio and gallery, the building itself is an ever-changing canvas. His donated mural graces the wall at the Oklahoma Regional Foodbank. Chiefly, if you’ve ever been to Bricktown, you’ve probably driven through his underpass mural. Three weeks of sweat equity on this mural made downtown easier on the eyes and elevated Pawley to local legend status. Follow him on Instagram here.

Sam Douglas (Specializes in Pet Portraits)

Sam has become the go-to guy for custom pet portraits. He’s as passionate about art as he is about animals. Sam is cordial and knowledgable about both of his passions. You can find his booths at any one of our local art festivals, or contact him directly for a custom piece. One of my favorite pieces by him is hanging at Groomer-A-Go-Go. It’s a gorgeous painting of  the owners’ personal pup-o. Sam has a unique painting style that lends seamlessly to animal portraits. Find him on Instagram here.

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