Now that you have started searching for houses, maybe you’ve considered buying something that’s never been lived in before. Maybe you’ve thought about designing your own custom dream home. Whatever you choose, we can help you through that process! We have assisted many buyers with purchasing newly constructed homes. Depending on location, brand new homes can start as low as the $140,000’s and up. 

Can I get a house for cheap if I don’t use a Realtor?

It’s more important than ever to have Realtor representation when working with a builder. Not only are we able to negotiate concessions that may not otherwise be available to a buyer, but we continue to provide value during your transaction as the mediator between buyer and builder. Keep in mind that no matter what a builder tells you, they WILL NOT reduce the price of their homes if you don’t use a Realtor. The reason for this is because reducing the price of one house compromises the value integrity of the other homes that they are trying to sell. 

Your Realtor will oversee the process and relay any buyer concerns to the builder. Ideally we manage to get to the closing table without any major hiccups. On occasion, if issues arise, that is when your Realtor will go to bat for you. We have saved a number of transactions from falling apart and helped our clients reach the finish line with a smile.

Why get a home inspection when buying new

Even when buying a brand new home it is always recommended that you get a 3rd party home inspection. In my experience, every single new home inspection yields at least a short list of items that need to be fixed or addressed before closing. Unlike buying an existing home, this is your opportunity to make sure the builder repairs any cosmetic issues.

Not all home builders are equal

If you are thinking about visiting any new construction neighborhoods or model homes, simply give us a call and we would be happy to arrange a meeting with a builder’s representative. There are HUNDREDS of home builders in Oklahoma, and just like with any service provider / contractor: Each one offers something a little bit different and not all have the same quality of work. As industry professionals, we are here to help you navigate the waters to find the right fit for you.