Be Realistic When Pricing Your Home

There is no denying that the same home can be viewed differently by different people. While you are proud of your home and the improvements you have made, others might not be quite so fond or necessarily notice the improvements, or the improvements might not be important to them. As a seller you want top dollar for your home, but you have to be realistic when pricing and selling your home. Below is a humorous look at how various parties view your home.


As a homeowner, you are proud of your home, and rightly so. You have often lived there for years, made upgrades, and have put in hours of sweat equity into making your home shine.



Home buyers are much more critical of your home than you might be. While they may fall in love with the home, they will still be looking for flaws to help them better negotiate the price.



The appraiser is MUCH more critical of your home than either the buyer or seller. Their job is to find an accurate value for your home, but it sometimes feel they are picking your home apart.



You may feel the lender has a hard time seeing the value of your home. They are forced to deal with realities and often value the home at the bottom of the market so in case you default they know they can get their money back from the home.


Tax Assessor

When you get your tax bill each year, you wonder if the local assessor his mistaken your home for an English castle!



Of course, your friendly termites view your home in the most delectable light!