While central Oklahoma is generally a safe place to live with fairly low crime rates, as a homeowner you should still protect your home from unwanted intruders (both human and critters!) Below is a starter checklist you can use to help insure your home is protected. This is by no means a complete list. Consult with your local police department for additional suggestions.

Doors & Windows

  • Check door locks to make sure they are installed tight and secure.
  • Make sure all door locks / dead bolts have keys and function properly.
  • Inspect door jambs for any damage or wear.
  • Is the glass secured and sealed in your door(s).
  • Open and close all windows, testing that they close all the way and lock securely.
  • Inspect windows for any cracks in the glass.
  • Look for and fix any cracks around window sills.
  • Do your windows have security film on them.
  • Don’t forget the basement windows. Do they need reinforcement?
  • Don’t forget garage windows.
  • Make sure other entry points such as soffits and vents are secure from intrusion (cover with breathable grates for attic ventilation and to protect against critters that want to make a nest out of your insulation!)


  • Install / check exterior motion activated lights. Replace / redirect as necessary.
  • Consider solar walkway lights for paths leading to all entrances.
  • Place and activate outdoor light timers for when you are out of town.


  • Cut back any trees or shrubs near entrances that can be used to hide behind.
  • Keep limbs away from windows.
  • Check fence perimeter for any openings and close off as necessary.
  • Check all gates to ensure latches and locks function.


  • The garage is easily forgotten. Check all windows and doors just as if they were in the house.
  • If you do not park inside the garage, do you take your openers in the house at night?
  • Lock away any tools that can be used to gain entry into the home.
  • Chemicals should be stored properly.


  • Do you have one? Look into one if you do not. We recommend Alert360 for security monitoring system (formerly known as Guardian).
  • Check your security system log as you open and close all windows and doors. It should track each one.
  • Is your alarm code too easy to guess?
  • Does your alarm have a battery backup?

Storage Shed

  • Make sure you lock your shed all the time.


  • Is your firearm easily accessible yet secure from children? This can now be done with modern bed-side safes with biometric security.
  • Are you proficient in the use of your firearm for home protection? If not you may want to look into classes.
  • Do you have a “Bug-Out Bag” in case of a natural disaster? This may include a firearm as well as food, water, medicine and other emergency tools. If you include a firearm in your bad, be sure it is in a safe location away from children.
  • Have a plan to defend your family in case of a home intrusion. Know the exits to your home, instruct children on what to do in case of an emergency. Have a plan on where to gather after an emergency. A plan should take into account not only a home invasion, but also fire, tornado, earthquake, and other natural disasters.