Hillbilly Dual Sport Ride

Every year our group of motorcycle buddies goes on 2 annual trips, Arkansas in April, and Clayton Lake in October. This was our first year to join the Hillbilly Dual Sport Ride, and I was on my brand new 2014 Honda CRF250L that I got just 3 weeks prior. In years past, the group always went to Eureka Springs, but since they’d been on just about every single trail out there, everyone decided to change it up this year. So we stayed at a new place in Marble Falls called THE HUB. Fun fact: The Hub is located at the old Dogpatch USA amusement park, which has been shut down for years. *Mom, Dirk, and I MAY or MAY NOT have disregarded the “No Trespassing” sign at the amusement park to go walk around the dilapidated roller coasters.* :)


The Hub Motel

The Hub motel and restaurant is apparently a hot spot for motorcyclists of all kinds, and we weren’t the only ones visiting that weekend. On the evening of our first day there, a gang of about 12 Booze Fighters MC rolled in and parked on the opposite side of the open yard. I secretly laughed to myself because the image of our different motorcycles facing each other was like a scene straight out of Westside Story.

Two Wheeled Standoff

Now, granted these dudes were big, and they looked like they would put a bullet in us if we looked at them wrong. But we outnumbered them 2-1. And just for the record, they didn’t scare me one bit. That night, after our group had spent 8 hours wrestling our bikes up and down some rocky single tracks, we crashed out for an early bedtime so we could get up and do it all over again the next day.
But the Booze Fighters had different plans. They stayed up and made a bon fire big enough to burn our entire motel down, and blasted shitty 90’s rock (like Papa Roach, ew) until 3:00 in the morning. None of us could sleep. I wanted so badly to go out there and yell at them to turn it down, but Dirk said “Absolutely not. Have you ever heard of the 1%ers in motorcycle gangs? They’re it.” So I kept my mouth shut. But like I said, they didn’t scare me.
Well, apparently, I get my attitude from my mother; who DID storm out there and tell them to “turn that shit down!” I guess momma was more scary than a motorcycle gang, because they turned the music off!
Angry momma bear = 1
Motorcycle gang = 0

Closing Time

Overall we had a great weekend with friends and family, doing what we love to do. The outdoors are a glorious place to learn more about yourself. As a result, dual sport riding pairs our love of motorcycles with the great outdoors. This is a part of our lives we hope to someday pass on to our future children!