Do you like to work around your home on various home improvement projects? Maybe pour a concrete patio, or build a deck, or lay tile in your master bathroom? For whatever home improvement project you’ve got up your sleeve, using the free Dewalt app will make it easier.

The Dewalt app is handy for simple area or length conversions, calculative volume for concrete, dirt or fill sand, and other tasks. For painting, you can easily plug in wall width & height, door and window sizes, length of crown moulding, and the app will automatically calculate how much paint you need to order.

Planning to install drywall, remodel a room, or install sheetrock on a ceiling? Use the board and sheetrock calculator to figure out how much sheetrock is needed, and how much tape & putty you will need.

If you’re really serious about home improvement projects, Dewalt offers a variety of add-on packs you can purchase with specialty templates for certain trades.

Dewalt also offers a number of books and references you can choose, such as electrical codes.

We use the basic app – which is free! Download it now and start your next home improvement project!