An influx of Vietnamese immigrants in the 1970s transformed the area surrounding Northwest 23rd Street and Classen Boulevard into a vibrant enclave of Asian culture. It’s where you’ll find some of the best Asian restaurants in OKC including some of the most authentic (and delicious) Vietnamese food this side of the Pacific.

Eat… authentic Vietnamese at Lido Restaurant. Experience the unique fusion of Vietnamese cuisine and its colonial French counterpart with dishes like Vietnamese Curry Frog Legs.

Enjoy… some Phõ. The Asian District is best experienced through food, and it’s hard to beat this traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. There’s a plethora of Phõ restaurants in the Asian District, but you can’t go wrong with Phõ Lien Hoa. You can also get some great, authentic Chinese food from Grand House China Bistro.

Experience… a shopping experience that’s hard to find outside of Asia at Super Cao Nguyen. Known to draw customers from neighboring states because of their extensive selection of hard-to-find Asian foods, this store is a must-see for foodies.

Asian District in Oklahoma City North