Clayton Lake State Park

Every year in October, my family goes to Clayton Lake State Park for a full weekend of dirt bike motorcycle riding and camping. We’ve had this 12-year long-standing tradition where everyone sits around the campfire and tells their motorcycle injury story. I grew up in a family of motorcycle riders since I was 4 years old. Not to brag or anything, but I’m a pretty good rider :) and I’ve never had any major injuries while riding (knock on wood).

Shiny Side Up

Unfortunately, this was my year to crash. I had borrowed my friend’s Sherpa for the day. Having never been on her bike, I was still confident that I could handle the somewhat technical terrain. I made it through some rocky uphill single tracks with nothing but a few “OH CRAP” moments. The sun was setting and we made our way back to camp. We were hauling butt on a gravel road when I hit the tiniest little pothole. My bike decided it was my time to go down.
I tried to gain control of the bike as it bounced around at 45 miles per hour. But, in a split second I was flying over the side and crushed into the gravel road on my shoulder and back. I tumbled and skidded about 35 feet in front of the downed bike. I landed in a twisted position that had my family and friends worried that I had broken both of my arms. After a few hollers of pain, I realized my arms and legs were fine but it was my back and hip that were killing me. I heard Connie say “she’s bleeding!” and all I asked was if there were any bones poking out. Thankfully, there weren’t.

Protective Gear to the Rescue!

I ended up with some pretty gnarly road rash, severe bruising, and a few pulled muscles. But, nothing was broken! It could have been A LOT worse if I hadn’t been wearing my full gear which includes: chest/shoulder protector, elbow pads, forearm guards, knee pads, shin guards, motocross boots, gloves with kevlar on the knuckles, and DOT approved helmet. My chest protector and helmet were torn to shreds, never to be used again. The rest of the gear is pretty banged up but still usable. THIS is the very reason we always, ALWAYS wear full protective gear.
emily crash